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About me

Who am I

I was born under the name of Gergő Vasas in Eger, then at the dawn of my adulthood, life flowed to Austria and I got stuck there as well. As it used to be on the steps of career building, I drifted into the squirrel wheel until I made a radical decision from one moment to the next.

I gave up all my reputable work so far, sold and distributed my assets.
I was left with an engine, and of course only enough stuff to fit it. I didn’t need any more, I just rolled quietly …


My profession

Regarding my field of expertise, I worked as a medical technician and IT specialist in the field of education and technology. And my spark of interest has driven the online world: eCommerce and social media building. I see the most beautiful challenges in building online trading systems focused on automation, and as a result, life has brought me pioneering the creation of more and more digital educational materials.

I know it’s not a motorcycle topic, but I’d like to add to the overall picture that I’m at least as enthusiastic about other areas of life.

This kind of all-encompassing attitude and work ethic created for me the opportunity to travel the world without absolute worry for more than 1 year, always just looking ahead.


My goals

It’s the driving force behind sharing my motorized nomadic world tour on social media channels to show people what a beautiful place we live in and notice all the good that surrounds us. Many times we have to travel far and do this to get out of the gray of everyday life or at least to look out from there.

Furthermore, through my own example, I try to illustrate to others that such great journeys do not necessarily depend on money. Many sitting at the latest GS ask me, „Where do you have the money to travel for such a long time?” -My answer: for the price of such an engine, I would be on the road for at least 2 years, so I wouldn’t even have to work in the meantime. Of course, the demands must be given up, but what you get in return is unsurpassed. The question is who focuses on what. Some go to object values, some go to experience. If you want something enough believe me you will achieve it, but take the first step today, not tomorrow or January 1st.


I am convinced

Another thing I have to keep emphasizing is that people are basically good. But at least they will stand up to you the way you do. It’s a recurring question of whether I dare to go to such distant alien places, whether I’m not afraid of being robbed, beaten, and the like. With the utmost honesty I can state along the way that I was helped in some way by everyone. It is amazing how much help I have received in all countries, regardless of nationality.

Just because the media pours out a plethora of negative news doesn’t mean you have to worry about anything. Go through them, experience them in person.

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