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Adventure Bike Rider

About me…

In 2019, with zero touring experience, the available equipment, I set out to tour a few distant countries without any special investment or preparation.

Originally planned for 3 months and 10,000 km, the tour has been going on ever since, having toured some 41 countries over 65,000 km in the saddle of a single-cylinder KTM 690 enduro, which has become my faithful companion and brand.

About my trips …

I’ve been touring Europe back there lately, from the southernmost point in Malta to the northernmost Nordkapp in Norway. Through Ukraine to Portugal.

I had to postpone my 2020 African expedition because of Covid, even though I was already waiting in the Strait of Gibraltar for the ferry to cross. In addition, my plans as soon as possible include a thorough tour of the Caucasus, but also Iceland.

About the engine …

    I wanted an engine that embodies economical maintenance, reliability, low maintenance and, in addition, is strong enough, comfortable and, due to its low weight, to stand its ground in all terrain conditions. Well with so much experience behind me, I can safely say: I found:
KTM 690 Enduro 2010
I fund my travels 100% on my own, as I bring the freelance digital nomadic lifestyle together with the motor world, so I work on my projects in the background while traveling.

How can you help my work in the hustle and bustle?

Get a job!

I run an online advertising agency for my business. See: Building social media presence and communication channels, creating and operating a website / web store. Manufacture of photographic and video materials.

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For product display or sponsored partnerships, please contact me in writing through my online channels or email.

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I would like to share my experience gained during a nomadic motor world tour with you in book form. I am currently collecting for this release. You can help here.

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