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KTM 690 Enduro

in numbers

KTM 690 Enduro

  • 2010 vintage
  • 690 ccm
  • 65 HP
  • 138 kg on dry
  • 400 km range
  • 1 cylinder LC4 block
  • 21 “/ 18” wheel size
  • 70,000 km around Europe

The reconstruction

Rally Raid profile:

Rally Raid Evo I. accessories are on the engine, which includes the rally-like headform with ideal wind protection and space for attaching various technical gadgets such as roadbook reader, navigation system, phone holder, usb connectors, fog light switch, etc.

Fuel system:

In addition, during the first profiles, a 2×5-liter extra tank was placed, which increased the total fuel capacity to 21 liters on this small filigree engine.
The factory tank merges with the tail extension to reduce weight, which is not a self-supporting element, so a separate frame system is not required.


Package support system:

I prefer the textile / tarpaulin bag system instead of the hard aluminum boxes. The main reason for this is that I can keep the weight of the engine even lower, due to its tight grip, the weight distributed on the engine is much deeper, so I can achieve much better driving characteristics. It makes riding more enjoyable. Max protrudes to the side as much as the steering wheel, so between car lines and it can be accessed through any narrow gateway. Furthermore, it is also more advantageous for safety reasons, since in the event of a fall, the hard boxes are not much less likely to cause injury even under the feet or in terrain.


Mosko Moto Reckless 80

… I use a bag system. Its biggest advantage is that it can be fixed without a separate box holder frame. Countless world-traveling nomadic bikers choose this set, who walk not only on the highway but also in a variety of terrain conditions.

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